Autism And Anxiety Part 1 - Webinar Recording

Gary Jesch
Gary Jesch
27 May 2021

Autism and Anxiety Part 1 is a recording of a May 21, 2021 webinar by Gary Jesch and Leslie Baldwin of Invirtua.

Topics covered included anxiety as a block to development and therapy sessions in autistic children, the way that some children get stuck in emotions of overwhelm and fear, and how interactive avatars can serve to distract them and move them to feel more relaxed so that learning can take place.

Gary Jesch did a live demonstration of his company's Avatar Adventure, featuring the avatar called Marley, who interacted with Leslie in real time.

Also mentioned was the idea that puppets have afforded autistic children with reduced anxiety, through shows such as Sesame Street, Mr Rogers and The Muppets. Gary stated that performers of puppets can be just as effective as therapists under certain circumstances.

Leslie showed how parents can sign up for a complimentary session with one of the avatars for a live Avatar Adventure at no cost, through Invirtua's virtual clinic.

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